11 cars damaged at retirement home

Eleven cars were broken into Thursday night in the parking lot of Farrfield Manor, a Columbus community for low-income senior citizens and the disabled.

Police said a link tool was used to break windows on all of the vehicles. In 11 police reports filed on Thursday, the victims said nothing appeared to be missing. Reports also indicated the amount of property damage was unknown.

Resident Johnnie Flournoy, 68, said she was "in shock" and "overwhelmed" when she discovered that her car, as well as many of her friends' vehicles, had been broken into.

Flournoy said whoever entered her vehicle took some change and went through her glove compartment.

"Someone has got a lot of nerve," she said. "These are elderly people here. This is not right."

Located at 419 Farr Road., Farrfield Manor opened its doors to new residents in April. The subsidized housing complex has 74 apartments for the elderly, including four special units for the disabled.

Flournoy said the apartment complex needs to improve its security. Regardless, she plans to get together with fellow residents to discuss implementing a neighborhood watch.

"I don't feel safe anymore," she said.

The case remains under investigation, police said.