Chef Lee's brings home international cuisine award

Chef Lee's Peking Restaurant, a longtime Columbus eatery, has brought home a culinary title from its homeland.

The restaurant recently was named an “International Famous Restaurant of Chinese Cuisine” in Beijing, China.

The honor was bestowed upon the company at the World Championship of Chinese Cuisine, which is known as the "Olympics" of Chinese cooking. The event, started in 1992, is held every four years.

Eateries from 33 nations participated, including China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Australia, Japan, Singapore, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Holland, Spain, Canada and the United States.

Judging was done by the World Association of Chinese Cuisine. Criteria included quality, service, past awards, restaurant appearance and atmosphere, and the business' reputation.

Chef Lee's was among 28 to be honored in its category.

Open since 1984, Chef Lee's has two locations in Columbus, one on Bradley Park Drive, the other on Buena Vista Road.