Man brings knife to 'gun fight,' wins

The armed men asked their target why he'd bring a knife to a gun fight — and then they ran away.

Those would-be robbers found their 27-year-old target around 7:10 p.m. Saturday walking to his Thea Lane apartment, Columbus police said. He had just visited a nearby liquor store and was returning home when the three men approached.

All had their faces covered with bandanas. One of them, who was wearing a black hoodie and had his hands in his pockets, appeared like he had a gun.

The suspects demanded money and the man's beer, police said. "One suspect threatened to 'Clock him upside his head,' the reporting officer added.

That's when the 27-year-old pulled two knives out of his pockets and prepared to defend himself.

One of the men asked why he wanted to bring a knife to a gun fight, police said. That was right before the three of them ran west on Milgen Road, away from their intended target.

The man chased the would-be robbers, but couldn't catch them, he told police.