Impact Center gives away 40,000 pounds of food

Cold and blustery weather Saturday morning didn't deter more than 1,000 people from standing in line to get a box of free groceries from The Impact Center Saturday morning.

Bishop Ann Hardman of The Impact Center said they had 40,000 lbs of food which they hoped to supply to 1,500 people during the event. Among the food supplied was brand-name bread, desserts, juices, snack bags and frozen foods.

Hardman said she plans for this to be a yearly event.

"The objective Jesus gave to us is to give to others," Hardman said.

One of those appreciative of the gift was Lester White, who arrived at 8 a.m. to wait in line. As he juggled his cane and a cart filled with his food, he reflected on what the day meant to him.

"This means that somebody really cares, they really care,"he said, "It's got to be love."

Hardman said their next event is planned for December, probably the week before Christmas, when they hope to provide those in need with two bags of clothing in good shape.

For more information on this event, on on the outreach ministries of The Impact Center, call (706) 323-6609, either extension 106 or 109.