Pastoral Institute announces campaign collection

The Pastoral Institute has cleared the first phase of a multi-year facelift. Staff and community leaders announced Tuesday that $14.1 had been raised toward two new buildings and initiatives on the campus, which serves the community through counseling services and various educational programs.

The capital campaign, “Restoring Hope and Transforming Lives,” kicked off about a year ago.

The first phase, a 10,000-square ft. building, will house administrative offices; the Center for Servant Leadership; the Business Resource Center; and a new community collaborative, the Marriage and Family Initiative. The Pastoral Institute, a non-profit, has five divisions.

The retired chairman of the W.C. Bradley Co. had high praise Tuesday for the campaign.“To raise that kind of money in this kind of economy is amazing to me,” said Bill Turner, the former chairman of the 35-year-old Pastoral Institute and the visionary for it.

Included in the $14 million campaign is the William B. Turner Endowment Fund for Community Care, which totals $6 million.