Columbus forecast: 10 degrees Friday night

It's safe to say the weather here Thursday and Friday night will be cold.

How cold?

That's hard to say.

Columbus' official forecast comes from the National Weather Service office in Peachtree City, where forecaster Mike Leary said Wednesday that it's to be 16 degrees Thursday night and 10 degrees Friday night.

The AccuWeather forecast linked to www.ledger-enquirer.com also said it's to hit 16 degrees Thursday, but it will be 18 degrees Friday night.

Weather.com, the Web site for The Weather Channel, predicted Wednesday that it will be 21 degrees Thursday and 23 degrees Friday night.

So exactly how cold it will be is a matter of degree, and depends on which source you consult. But no matter how you measure it, when the temperature in middle Georgia drops to the teens and 20s, it's cold.

All forecasts pretty much agree that the high temperature over the next few days will be in the 40s, with clear to partly cloudy skies.

Leary said the lows Saturday and Sunday would be in the 20s, and the high Sunday would be in the lower 50s.