Cracks found in concrete at Columbus skate park

Cracks have been found in concrete at The Jonathan Hatcher Skateboard Park, a $925,000 venue in South Commons.

Columbus City Manager Isaiah Hugley said skateboarders from Atlanta, Macon, LaGrange and other places are heavy users of the facility although it has not been accepted from the contractor, California Skateparks Inc. of Upland, Calif. Hugley told members of Columbus Council on Tuesday that he discovered cracks in the concrete during the holidays. A similar walk through will occur beore the project is accepted.

“We will do a walk through and check it before accepting the project,” Hugley said. “Concrete will be on the punch list. He will have to go through the list and correct all we find wrong before we accept the project.”

Officials have said the project could be open by mid to late February.

The park has three deep concrete bowls ringed by metal tubing at the top. It also has concrete ramps above the ground and a fence around the facility.

Cracks were visible throughout the complex Wednesday as the roar from daily skateboarders ringed the bowls.John Fecso, 20, of Columbus said he noticed cracks shortly after the cement was poured. “It’s not affecting the skating,” Fecso said.