Russell students learn from inauguration

At Russell County Middle School in Seale, Ala., Principal Almesha Ramsey and her staff set up a smart board in the cafeteria to allow students to watch the inauguration of President Obama during lunch.

“All throughout the day, teachers will be allowed to have their televisions on or go to the Internet and have open discussion about the day and its meaning,” Ramsey said.

Seventh and eighth graders discussed history and politics and the impact of a new president.

Justin Hill, 13, said he believes Barack Obama is the right man for the job.

“We talked about it in second period,” said Justin, president of the school’s National Junior Honor Society. “Some think he’s not really the first black president, because he’s part white.”

Justin said this means that Obama is the first president to truly represent all of America.

Ramsey said with Obama taking office, she sees a different tomorrow for her students.

“We always tell our kids that opportunities are unlimited, but now it is tangible that they are unlimited,” Ramsey said. “This is an example of what hard work and a good education can do. He didn’t come from a wealthy family. He could be anybodyin Russell County.”