Brookstone students weigh in on inauguration

As the officials were making their way to the presidential box, Nan Pate's 10th history class at Brookstone School were playing "Who do you see?"

Students asked questions about prospective Cabinet leaders, while Pate explained who they were and what their qualifications were.

The sophomores made it a party, bringing soft drinks, hot chocolate and cider mixes, snacks, cookies and cakes. After Obama's inaugural speech, they shared pizza.

"It's official. We have a new president," said Cody Allen after he and his classmates watched Obama make his inaugural speech.

Taylor Hollingsworth was excited to see that a "black man is president." Hollingsworth, who is black, was also apprehensive before the inauguration that someone would assassinate the president-elect.

Ross Hunter also wondered about a possible assassination attempt.

"Who would become president?" he asked.

Pate said after vice president Joe Biden is quickly sworn in, he would become the president.