Movie theater cleared out after robbery attempt, beating

KENNESAW, Ga. (AP) _ A police SWAT team and canine officers were called to a movie theater after an armored car driver was beaten during a robbery attempt.

The suspect pistol-whipped the Brinks armored car service employee Monday at AMC Barrett Commons 24 movie theater.

As they searched for the suspect, police cleared out all the theaters, where many moviegoers did not even realize an assault had happened.

"It does make it difficult for all of us," Cobb County Police spokeswoman Officer Cassie Reece. "Because we have to distinguish between who's watching the movie, and who could be the bad guy. It was difficult. Obviously the crowds were evacuated so we could go into the theater and clear all of the hidden places where a possible suspect could be."

The suspect was not found. Police would not say if he got away with any money.

Meanwhile, the Brinks employee was taken to Kennestone Hospital for treatment.