For the first time, experts list possible early signs of ovarian cancer

ATLANTA (AP) — For the first time, cancer experts are advising women of certain symptoms that might alert them to ovarian cancer, a disease that is hard to spot early and one of the deadliest cancers.

Suddenly experiencing weeks of bloating, the need to frequently urinate, eating changes and abdominal or pelvic pain — either one of these or a combination — could be a tip-off to early ovarian cancer, according to several groups of cancer experts.

The American Cancer Society and other groups released a consensus statement Wednesday listing the symptoms. Historically, doctors have believed there are no early symptoms of ovarian cancer, which is expected to kill about 15,000 U.S. women this year.

There is no screening test for the condition and so symptom recognition; regular pelvic examinations are considered the main ways to detect the cancer early.