Sirens to blare Wednesday for storm drill

The weather Wednesday’s to be clear with a chill, so when the storm-warning sirens blare at 9:10 a.m., you'll know it’s a drill.

This time Columbus’ annual tornado drill for Severe Weather Awareness Week should stay right on schedule — unlike last year when it was postponed because of severe weather.

On Feb. 6, 2008, as tornadoes raged elsewhere in the South, a line of thundestorms roared through Columbus on the day the drill was to be held.

Authorities postpone sounding the sirens for a drill when storms approach, fearing residents assuming a drill’s under way won’t take cover if a real warning goes out.

Riley Land, deputy director of emergency management for the Columbus Department of Fire and Emergency Medical Services, said the National Weather Service is to issue its practice storm warning Wednesday morning at 9:10, when residents are urged to review their emergency plans. Local schools usually hold storm drills, too.

The Georgia Emergency Management Agency has more information on storm safety at www.ohs.state.ga.us.