Columbus Youth Advisory Council visiting Capitol

ATLANTA -- The Columbus Youth Advisory Council was recognized by the Georgia House and Senate Thursday morning during a visit to the state Capitol.

The 49 students from all of Columbus' middle and high schools serve as an advisory board for Columbus Council.

Brookstone junior Carolin Adams said it is important for the students to see the next level of government.

"This allows me, as well as my peers, to see what we can do on our own one day," said Adams, the council's president. "Some of us would hope to be able to reach this level one day."

Rep. Carolyn Hugley, D-Columbus, introduced the group in the House and Sen. Seth Harp, R-Columbus, and Sen. Ed Harbison, D-Columbus, introduced them in the Senate.

The group's escorts included Deputy City Manager Lisa Goodwin and Muscogee County School District representative Eddie Obleton.

In addition to the the visit to the Capitol, the students were going to visit the state Supreme Court and World of Coca Cola.