Rumor of CSU purchase of Peachtree Mall false

Don’t look for the Columbus State University athletic complex on Manchester Expressway any time soon.

A persistent rumor has been circulating locally that the university or one of its donors were going to buy Peachtree Mall and build an athletic complex complete with a football stadium.

Folks, it ain’t happening.

“That is a long-standing rumor that is absolutely and unequivocally not true,” said CSU spokesman John Lester.

CSU Foundation Vice Chairman Jimmy Yancey said the private funding arm of the university has never talked about the acquisition of Peachtree Mall. Yancey, too, has head the rumors.

"It's not in CSU's immediate, intermediate or long-term plans," said Yancey, a retired Synovus executive. "I have heard it and people said it came from a really reliable source. I can tell you we haven't talked about it."