Columbus community welcomes new superintendent

School workers and community leaders came to The Columbus Museum today to welcome Susan Andrews, Muscogee's new school superintendent.

"I feel like a celebrity," Andrews told the crowd gathered to meet and greet her. School music groups provided the entertainment and cafeteria workers provided the snacks for the evening reception.

School Board Chairman Philip Schley said Andrews' selection as superintendent was the successful end of "a long and arduous process." He recalled that when he asked her about moving from the Harris County school system to the much larger Muscogee school district, with its 6,000 or so employees and 33,000 students, she told him the job is not about numbers, "it's about leadership."

"We must have every citizen supporting public education," Andrews told her audience, noting that local residents have greeted her warmly and offered their support. "Everybody has said, 'What can we do to help?'"

With public support, there is nothing the school district can't accomplish, she said.