Duck, NASCAR's Edwards star in two new Aflac commercials

The Aflac duck went racing two years ago.

Now, the duck’s really riding high. The Columbus-based supplemental insurance company debuted two new commercials featuring the duck and NASCAR driver Carl Edwards.

The 15-second spots were shown Wednesday morning to motorsports writers at Daytona International Speedway. They will begin airing Sunday during FOX’s national broadcast of the Daytona 500.

Aflac signed a three-year sponsorship agreement with Roush Fenway Racing to sponsor Edwards’ No. 99 car. The first race is this weekend.

“These latest commercials are another example of Aflac’s commitment to the sport of NASCAR, Roush Racing and our driver Carl Edwards,” said Paul Amos, COO of Aflac. “It seems Carl and the Aflac Duck have formed a special bond together which we hope will excite fans and lead to a successful 2009 season.”

What Aflac is trying to do is establish a competitive, but friendly relationship between Edwards, a rising star, and the duck.According to the Aflac news release:

The first spot, “Monster Tires,” opens with the Aflac Duck furiously pumping up the tires on the No. 99 car to monstrous proportions. A confused Edwards enters and questions the Duck’s actions. He soon understands as the spot ends with Edwards and the Duck cruising through traffic-filled streets raised above a crowd of screaming fans, bouncing on the No. 99 car’s oversized tires.

The second commercial, “Joyride” spot opens with Edwards running into the Aflac Racing garage, only to find his car missing. He realizes that it’s been stolen by his fowl friend after seeing flaming tire marks leading outside the garage and a feather that was left behind. It is then revealed that the Aflac Duck has taken the car on a joyride on a windy mountain road, with a female companion in the passenger seat. The car reaches top speed as the pair ride away into the sunset laughing.

Aflac has also retooled a commercial with Edwards and the duck that was used last year. The commercial was updated to include the new paint scheme for Edwards' car.