Army Corps of Engineers repainting boundary line on Chattahoochee

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers at West Point Project announced today that the project's operations and maintenance contractor, Anderson Construction Company, has begun working to repaint the government boundary line along the Chattahoochee Riverbank downstream from West Point Dam.

The contractor began this work on the east side of the river near the dam and is progressing southward toward the Georgia city of West Point and the Alabama cities of Lanett and Valley.

According to West Point Project manager Steve Logan, the U.S. Government purchased an interest in a narrow strip along both sides of the river below the dam.

"Some property was purchased in fee and in other locations an easement was purchased," said Logan.

The easement property is marked with white bands on the trees and the fee-owned land is marked with red bands. There are concrete or metal monuments in the ground along the line as well as to help identify the property. It has been nearly 10 years since this property line was repainted.

Anderson workers are wearing fluorescent orange or yellow vests and orange hard hats.