Shots fired at two separate locations in Columbus

Two groups of men told Columbus police they were shot at in separate incidents late Thursday and early Friday.

A little after midnight Thursday, police were called to Christ Community Church, 1819 Midtown Drive. Three Columbus men, ages 19 to 34, said they had been shot at around 11:55 p.m. Thursday — about five minutes before they reported the incident.

Police reports did not provide any descriptions of the suspect or suspects.

Several hours later at about 4:45 a.m., police headed over to an address on Buena Vista Road. Three men, ages 25 to 29 from Columbus and Seale, Ala., told police they were shot at less than a mile away at Amber Drive and Georgetown Drive. One of the men said his 1984 Chevy Impala had been damaged during the incident. The amount of damage is unknown.

No suspect was identified in the shooting.

No one was injured in either of these cases. The shootings remain under investigation.