Columbus Water Works reports two more Chattahoochee River sewage spills

The weekend’s heavy rains caused two large sewage spills in Columbus, according to the Columbus Water Works.

In the last two weeks, the Water Works has reported four major spills into the Chattahoochee River or its tributaries.

The two most recent spills occurred on Saturday.

•111,150 gallons spilled into Weracoba Creek at Lakebottom Park. There were two points where the sewage spilled into the river. The first place was across from Columbus High on Cherokee Avenue. The second was down Cherokee near Poplar Drive.

•25,580 gallons spilled into Lake Oliver near Standing Boy Court.

The spills occurred as the storm drainage system was overwhelmed by more than 5 inches of rain.

On March 16, there were two spills into the river.

The largest spill along the Chatthoochee Riverwalk just north of the sewage treatment facility was reported about 10:30 a.m. A 72-inch sewer line that serves 95 percent of the city overflowed until 2 p.m., spewing 1.75 million gallons of diluted wastewater into the river.

There was also a leak a leak on a manhole cover at Lake Oliver that released 36,200 gallons of sewage into the river.

The Water Works could face fines from the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Environmental Protection Division.