AccuWeather warns tornadoes may strike Thursday night

Sleep light Thursday night, keep your weather radio on, listen for storm sirens and be ready to run for cover, because a wave of tornadoes could sweep through the Southeast, AccuWeather.com is warning.

The online weather service says a series of storm systems is forming today on the Plains, sparking storms around midnight tonight from Oklahoma to Texas, with damaging winds and golf ball sized hail possible.

On Thursday the storms will advance into the Mississippi Valley with warm air that could ignite an outbreak of afternoon tornadoes from Nashville to Montgomery. As the line of storms moves eastward, residents from Ohio to the Gulf Coast should remain alert for tornado warnings which may be issued Thursday night while they’re asleep, says AccuWeather.com.

It warns: “The potential will increase for damaging winds, blinding downpours and destructive tornadoes through Thursday. The greatest threat zone for the tornadoes lies across the Deep South…. Outdoor furniture and other objects that could be blown about should be secured or taken indoors. Damaging winds could also down trees and knock power out. Cars should be parked in garages if possible. Large hail threatens to dent vehicles or cause serious damage to windshields and other glass…. If you live from the upper Ohio Valley to northern Florida, you should leave your weather radio or local media outlets on Thursday night.”