Muscogee County School Board adds new Carver High to local facilities plan

During a called meeting Monday night, the Muscogee County School Board voted on a resolution to revise the local facilities plan to include a new Carver High School.

The district will phase out the existing Carver High; phasing out a school means that the district would not get any state money for renovations, but they can start earning state money for a new school.

The state department of education recommends that a school be phased out and a new school be built if renovations and additions would cost more than $15 million, director of construction Bobby Hecht said.

Hecht said it would cost roughly $15.9 million to make renovations and additions to the school, not including fees and contingencies — adding those would bring the total to about $20 million.

“That’s just doing things absolutely necessary to bring school up to code requirements,” Hecht said. “You’d still have a pieced up school.”