Columbus crews closing in on faulty drain

The Charter Oaks Watershed, the city-owned structure at the center of recent flooding on Teak Drive in Columbus, may be pumped low enough today or Friday to inspect a partially clogged drain.

“We are within a foot or so of the top of the structure,” Deputy City Manager David Arrington said about noon today. “We hope to get down there sometime later today or early this evening.”

Water overflowed from the spillway on April 2 and flooded three of 11 homes in a cul-de-sac off Schomburg Road. A fourth home was damaged with a washed out yard as water cascaded down the bank near a creek.

Crews want to check the drain to determine why it sent thousands of gallons of water through the neighborhood before a huge trench was dug to divert water to a nearby creek. Officials have said a drain working properly could have reduced the severity of flooding in the neighborhood.

Crews have been on the scene of the watershed off Papaya Drive for a week, pumping about 30,000 gallons a minute from the pond to a nearby creek.

Arrington said crews will probably continue to pump water from the pond until sometime Friday morning. “We’ll just have to wait and see,” he said.