Fort Benning: BRAC water distribution plan engineers win national award

The architectural and engineering firm hired to assess Fort Benning's water distribution system and develop plans for operation and maintenance of the system that would meet the needs of the Base Realignment and Closure initiative (BRAC) has received the 2009 Engineering Excellence Honor Award from the American Council of Engineering.

Krebs Architecture & Engineering Inc. was given the award upon completion of a three-year, four-phase evaluation of the installation's water distribution system. Hired to help Columbus Water Works (CWW) undergo this massive project while allowing CWW to operate, maintain and expand the water system in such a manner that existing customers in Columbus and on Fort Benning has minimal impact on their water quality, level of service and water rates, according to a release from Krebs.

Fort Benning currently houses approximately 34,000 military personnel and approximately 9,000 civilian workers. Population estimates show on post personnel could exceed 68,000 people by 2012.

The completed four-phased project included consideration of existing and potential environmental conditions such as the long-term drought in Georgia, water quality issues and endangered species habitats.