Blondie, Ryan Adams, Sinead O'Connor among new CDs

Most people know that Blondie was responsible for providing us with our first listen to a couple of genres that would eventually blow up. What is "The Tide Is High," if not ska, after all. And "Rapture" had that spoken-word break that was a precursor to rap.

The band also was a forerunner in the field of music videos. Consider today's re-release of the 1979 record "Eat to the Beat," best known for the hit "Dreaming." The new release includes not only the original CD but a DVD featuring cut-for-cut music videos that band shot. Keep in mind that MTV didn't launch for two more years.

Other notable releases:

• Ryan Adams, ‘‘Easy Tiger.’’ The prolific alternative country artist is back, but will this disc offer quality over quantity?

• Sinead O’Connor, ‘‘Theology.’’ It's a two-disc set, but only one CD's worth of tunes. Confused? She recorded one set of songs — give or take a track — both acoustically and with an electric band behind her.