Georgia’s unemployment rate increases in June

ATLANTA – The Georgia Department of Labor reported today that the state’s unemployment rate increased to 4.7 percent in June, up six-tenths of one percent from 4.1 percent in May. The state’s rate also matched the U.S. unadjusted rate of 4.7 percent in June.

Columbus' rate is unchanged.

Unemployment typically increases in June as students enter the workforce looking for temporary summer jobs, and recent high school and college graduates seek permanent employment. Unemployment rose by 27,295 in June.

While the state’s rate was up in June, it was down three-tenths of one percent over the year, from 5.0 percent in June of 2006.

Also, from May to June of 2007, Georgia lost 3,100 payroll jobs, primarily among seasonal workers in public schools and private education, along with health care, and social services. The 14 metro areas of the state and their job changes include:

- Albany, down 200, or three-tenths of one percent, from 65,400 to 65,200.

- Athens, up 200, or two-tenth of one percent, from 82,700 to 82,900.

- Atlanta, up 900, or 0.0 percent, from 2,442,000 to 2,442,900.

- Augusta, down 1,800, or eight-tenths of one percent, from 217,700 to 215,900.

- Brunswick, up 300, or six-tenths of one percent, from 46,500 to 46,800.

- Columbus, unchanged at 123,400.

- Dalton, down 100, or one-tenth of one percent, from 80,700 to 80,600.

- Gainesville, down 200, or three-tenths of one percent, from 74,900 to 74,700.

- Hinesville, down 100, or one-half of one percent, from 18,900 to 18,800.

- Macon, down 700, or seven-tenths of one percent, from 102,300 to 101,600.

- Rome, down 100, or two-tenths of one percent, from 45,100 to 45,000.

- Savannah, down 300, or two-tenths of one percent, from 160,600 to 160,300.

- Valdosta, down 700, or 1.2 percent, from 56,900 to 56,200.

- Warner Robins, up 300, or one-half of one percent, from 57,700 to 58,000.

Georgia labor market data are not seasonally adjusted and are available at www.dol.state.ga.us.