PC man charged in bomb hoax

The bomb found next to a Columbus Police car last week was a hoax, and police have charged a man with planting the device under his estranged wife's car.

Donald Lashon Wilson, 28, of Phenix City was arrested Friday and is charged with possession of a hoax device in connection with what was feared to be a bomb found in the parking lot of Huckleberry Hills Apartments on St Marys Road July 14, said Police Lt. Bill Rawn.

Wilson's wife, Bounethavy Wilson, 24, said a friend of hers found the device that morning under her Mercury Sable, which was parked next to the police car. Bounethavy said she took a picture of the device, picked it up, then left it on the ground before leaving home for the day.

That afternoon, an officer who lives at the apartment complex found the device next to his vehicle, and a robot belonging to the city's Hazardous Device Response Unit disassembled it.

Rawn said the device was in no way directed at the police officer.

"It's, according to her and her lawyer, an ongoing aggravation because of the divorce proceedings," Rawn said.

Bounethavy said she and her husband have been seperated for about a year. She said her husband was in Iraq in 2004 and 2005, where he worked with mortars.

Rawn said the device would not have exploded, and that it consisted of a cell phone, a light bulb, flour, screws, nails, wires and tape. Rawn said the device also contained small traces of what may be fertilizer, although that may have been residual material already on the pavement.