Friends describe Greka as hard worker, leader

The 3-1 Cav held a memorial service for Greka at Patrol Base Comanche, one of several outposts manned by soldiers from the 3rd Brigade.

"He was the epitome of a leader and an incredible father and husband," said Lt. Col. John Kolesheski, the squadron commander.

Greka was an extremely hard worker who excelled at his job as a cavalry soldier and leader, said his troop commander, Capt. Darrel Melton.

"He was . . . no, he is one of the best men I have ever served with in my 10 years in the Army," Melton said. "If you ever wanted anything done, he could and would get it done to the highest of standards."

Melton said Greka had many friends in the unit and cared deeply for any and every soldier who served over, with, and under him regardless of who they were.

"There is not one man in this platoon who could say he didn’t make them laugh at his expense," said 1st Lt. Ross Pixler, Greka's platoon leader. "I feel honored to have shared, in a small way, a portion of his life."

Greka is survived by his mother and father, Patti and Steve Greka; his wife, Jennifer; and his daughters, Rose and Lilith.