Want to hunt gators? Georgia set to issue permits

Want to hunt alligators?

The deadline is July 31 to apply for one of 550 gator-hunting permits to be issued this year in Georgia.

The 2007 Georgia alligator hunting season is Sept. 1-Oct. 7. The number of counties open to alligator hunting has increased to 86 this season, thanks to the success of previous hunts and the population of alligators in Georgia increasing to more than 200,000, according to the Georgia Department of Natural Resources.

Interested hunters must fill out a quota hunt application online at www.gohuntgeorgia.com. Hunters will be notified of their selection by e-mail and will then be sent a temporary harvest tag and information packet in early August. Hunters will be given opportunity to attend one of several voluntary training sessions. Experts will talk about safety, capture and handling techniques, processing and more.

For more information about the alligator season, visit the Wildlife Resources Division web site at www.gohuntgeorgia.com or call 229-426-5267.