Congressman Bishop receives award from technical education group

Second District U.S. Rep. Sanford Bishop (D-Albany) has been named the 2007 Policy Maker of the Year by the Georgia Association for Career Technical Education.

"Congressman Bishop was selected to receive this award because of his strong commitment to our career and technical programs while serving in the United States House of Representatives," said Matthew Gambill, the association's executive director. "The association is committed to reducing the high school dropout rate, and career and technical programs are the vehicle to keep kids in school so they can develop the necessary tools to better succeed in life. Leaving high school with a valuable skill helps our state develop a better trained workforce, which, in turn, brings higher-paying jobs and economic development to Georgia."

The award is given to legislators who have made a significant contribution to career and technical education.

Bishop is a member of the Appropriations, Agriculture, Defense and Military Construction VA committees.

The association was founded in 1923 and has more than 2,500 members, mostly teachers in the area of career and technical education, but also members who serve in administration, including counselors, assistant principals, principals and superintendents.