Tax-free list



Aerobic clothing Antique clothing Athletic pads Athletic supporters Baby clothes Bandanas Baseball cleats Bathing suits, caps and cover-ups Belt buckles Belts Belts for weightlifting or back support Blouses Boots Bow ties Bowling shoes Bras Caps and hats Cleated and spiked footwear Coats, capes, shawls and wraps Corsets and corset laces Coveralls Diapers, cloth & disposable (adult and baby) Dresses Employee uniforms Fishing boots (waders) Fishing vests Football pads Formal clothing Garter and garter belts Girdles Gloves (generally) Graduation caps and gowns (except rented) Gym suits Hats and caps Hand muffs Headbands (athletic) Helmets (bike, baseball, football, hockey, motorcycle, sports) Hosiery, including support hosiery Hunting vests Ice skates Jackets Jeans Jogging suits Jumpers Knee pads Lab coats Leotards and tights Leg warmers Lingerie Martial arts attire Mittens Neckwear and ties Overshoes and rubber shoes Pants Pantyhose Raincoats and ponchos Robes Roller blades Roller skates Safety shoes Scarves School uniforms Scout uniforms Shawls and wraps Shin guards and padding Shirts Shoe laces Shoes Shorts Ski suits Skirts Slacks Sleepwear, nightgowns and pajamas Slippers Slips Socks Sports coats Sports uniforms Suits Suspenders Sweat clothes (shirts and pants ) Sweatbands Sweaters Swimsuits and trunks T-shirts Ties (neckties) Tuxedos, excluding cuff links and rentals Undergarments Uniforms (athletic including pads) Vests (except water)

Computersand accessories

Antivirus software Batteries (designed for a computer) Cables (computer) Car adaptor for laptop CD/DVD/floppy disks (blank) Central processing unit Compact disk drives Computers Computer supplies Database software Docking station (designed for a computer) Educational software Finance software Greeting card software Hard drive (computer) Internet software Keyboard Memory Microphone Modems Monitor Motherboard Mouse Operational software Personal digital assistant devices (except those allowing any type of voice communication) Port replicators Printers (including "all-in-one" models) Printer cartridges Router Scanners Screen projectors (monitor type) Software (non-recreational) Speakers (computer) Storage devices USB cables USB memory devices (excluding those designed for use in digital cameras or other taxable items) Web camera Word-processing software Zip drives

School supplies

Appointment books Backpacks Book bags Book covers Book markers Calculators CD (blank) Chalk Chalkboard erasers Children's books Clipboards Colored pencils Compass Composition books Computer supplies Construction paper Crayons Crayon box Daily planners Dictionaries Dividers Duffel bags Easel pads Erasers Flash cards File jackets Folders Glue Glue refills Graph paper Highlighters Index cards Ink Ink cartridges Labels Label holders Lead Loose-leaf binders Lunch boxes Markers Mechanical pencils Memo books Notebooks Organizers Paper (notebook, printer or pads) Paper clips Paste Pens Pencils Pencil box Pencil erasers Pencil lead Pencil sharpener Portfolios Poster board Protractors Rubber bands Rulers School art supplies School music supplies Scotch tape Scissors Sheet protectors Staplers Staples Sticky notes Tape Tape refills Thesauruses Wire-bound notebooks Witeout



Belts Boots Caps Coats Diapers Dresses Gloves Gym Suits Hats Hosiery Jackets Jeans Neckties Pajamas Pants Raincoats Robes Sandals Scarves School uniforms Shirts Shoes Shorts Socks Sneakers Underwear

Computer Software

Computer storage media Handheld electronic schedulers, except devices that are cellular phones Personal digital assistants, except devices that are cellular phones Computer printers Printer supplies for computers (printer paper, printer ink)

School Supplies

Binders Blackboard chalk Book bags Calculators Cellophane tape Compasses Composition books Crayons Erasers Folders (expandable, pocket, plastic, and manila) Glue, paste, and paste sticks Highlighters Index cards Index card boxes Legal pads Lunch boxes Markers Notebooks Paper (loose-leaf ruled notebook paper, copy paper, graph paper, tracing paper, manila paper, colored paper, poster board, and construction paper) Pencil boxes and other school supply boxes Pencil sharpeners Pencils Pens Protractors Rulers Scissors Writing tablets

School Artsupplies

Clay and glazes Paints (acrylic, tempora, and oil) Paintbrushes for artwork Sketch and drawing pads Watercolors


Reference maps and globes Required textbooks on an official school book list with a sales price of more than $30 and less than $50

Sources: Georgia Department of Revenue and Alabama Department of Revenue