Power lines damaged in collapse of Columbus water tank

Power transmission structures that hold high voltage electrical lines were damaged when a 6 million gallon tank collapsed Saturday on River Road near J.R. Allen Parkway.

Power to the lines, which carry 115,000 volts and a nearby substation, was cut off early Saturday, said Robert Watkins, external affairs manager for Georgia Power Co. in Columbus.

It has not disrupted power to any homes in the area. The damage could take up to four days to repair.

“We are concerned about the stability of the situation,” Watkins said. “We are putting all the resources we have to get the structure back up.”

Crews could not immediately reach the site with equipment needed to start the repairs. That forced the company to cut a separate road into property.

One of the things working for us is the mild weather, Watkins said. “If this were the middle of summer, it would be a much different situation.”