Power poles damaged in Columbus water tank collapse repaired

The damage to Georgia Power transmission-line structures due to a Columbus water tank collapse has been repaired.

Two large metal power poles near J.R. Allen Parkway and River Road were left early Saturday morning when a Columbus Water Works tank holding 6 million gallons of river water collapsed.

“We finished the work about 6 Sunday night,” Georgia Power spokesman Robert Watkins said Monday morning.

The crews began working before dawn Saturday cutting power to the lines, which carry extremely high voltages. The work, which included cutting a road into the lines, was done by local crews, Watkins said.

“This was a highly unusual incident,” Watkins said.

The power company was able to reroute power so that there were disruptions in service to customers. The power was flowing normally Sunday night.

The metal tank, which was used to hold water pumped out of the Chattahoochee River, collapsed shortly before 4 a.m. The tower was located on a hill about 250 yards west of River Road and 100 yards south of J.R. Allen. Most of the water went down toward J.R. Allen and dumped back into the river near the city marina just north of J.R. Allen at the River Road exit.