Columbus Water Works releases surveillance videos of tank collapse

The Columbus Water Works on Tuesday morning, in response to a Georgia Open Records Act request from the Ledger-Enquirer, released surveillance camera footage of Saturday morning’s collapse of the largest water storage tank in the public utility’s system.

The open-air tank collapsed about 4 a.m., sending about 6 million gallons of river water awaiting treatment down a hill, onto the eastbound lane of J.R. Allen Parkway near River Road, through a 46-inch drainage pipe under the westbound lane of J.R. Allen and back into the Chattahoochee River at Lake Oliver Marina.

There were no serious injuries reported in the man-made flash flood.

Water Works President Bob Tant said the videos do not show precise accounts of what happened, but offer small clues.

“We found the tank collapse in six instances, primarily what you see is water flow,” Tant said. “There is one where you can see the foot of tank.”The internal investigation into what caused the collapse continues, Tant said.

“We got people looking at every angle of this,” Tant said. “We’re not holding back. We are looking at everything we can, trying to get at a good answer. The videos unfortunately don’t add a lot to the discovery process. They are what they are.”