Jon and Kate Plus 8: Separate trips for the Gosselins

The same day that photos of a bikini-clad Kate Gosselin appeared on the Internet (courtesy of Splash News Online) the second and third episodes of "Jon and Kate Plus 8" aired on TLC. The photos were taken while Kate and the kids were vacationing at Bald Head Island, N.C.

The first half-hour show featured Jon in Utah while Kate celebrated her birthday closer to home with her twin 8-year-old girls and 5-year-old sextuplets.

Jon said he wanted to go to Utah to ski with his friends. "It just happened to fall on Kate's birthday," he said.

"Jon is away which is kind of sad," Kate said. Her plan of making her own birthday cake was thwarted when the TLC crew decided to take Kate and the kids on a trip. The group traveled to Baltimore's Charm City Cakes. Duff, the star of the baking reality show "Ace of Cakes" on Food Network, helped each kid make a special cake for mom.

In the second episode, Kate traveled to San Diego with 8-year-old Mady. Jon stayed home with the other seven children.

"Sometimes you'll see Kate and I interview separately. Sometimes you'll see us together on the chair." Jon said.

Jon and Kate said their plan is to make sure one parent is always home with the kids when the other is traveling.

In the first episode, Jon and Kate were interviewed together and separately. In the second episode, Kate and Jon sat together with Mady between them.

Last Monday's season five debuted amid rumors that the Gosselin marriage was in trouble. Tabloids had reported that both Kate and Jon had affairs. Both denied the rumors. In previous seasons, the couple appeared together for interviews. In that one-hour show, they mostly appeared separately. Individually Kate and Jon each talked about how they were struggling with the recent attention from the tabloids and paparazzi. Kate said she was feeling a lot of anger and that she fears that she and Jon don't want the same things anymore.