Update: Columbus man whose father was killed in Wednesday raid gets bond on marijuana charges

Two drug transactions involving 4.5 grams of marijuana led authorities to arrest Darrick Brockington at the Gettysburg Way residence Wednesday where the suspect's father, 66-year-old Leroy Brockington, was fatally wounded in a shootout with sheriff's deputies, testimony in Columbus Municipal Court showed Friday.

Eric Stinson of the Muscogee Sheriff's Office told Judge Stephen Hyles that a "confidential informant" meeting Darrick Brockington in a "secure location" twice bought marijuana from the suspect, first purchasing two grams on May 19 and next buying 2.5 grams on June 4.

That's what led a team of law enforcement officers to the Brockington home off St. Marys Road about 9 p.m. Wednesday. When they tried to arrest the younger Brockington, they came under fire from the father. A deputy, David Batastini, was wounded. Another investigator, Tyler Findley, fired back, fatally wounding Leroy Brockington, whom a deputy coroner pronounced dead there at 9:30 p.m.

The sheriff's deputies were working with U.S. Marshals to carry out the operation.

Batastini was treated for his wounds and released. Sheriff John Darr said the investigator is recovering.

Questioned Friday in Municipal Court by Darrick Brockington's attorney, Stacey Jackson, Stinson said that once the suspect realized authorities had come to arrest him Wednesday, he tried neither to flee nor to destroy evidence. Hyles noted that Brockington's jail record showed no "holds" for outstanding warrants, and at Jackson's request, the judge granted Brockington a bond of $5,000 on each of two counts of selling marijuana. The case now goes to Superior Court.

After the hearing, Brockington's friends and family declined to comment on the case.