Jesse Jackson speaks at Tuskegee University Sunday

The Rev. Jesse Jackson will talk to Tuskegee University students at 7 p.m. EDT Sunday in the Tuskegee University Chapel. The human rights activist will talk about the impact of the economic stimulus initiated by the Obama Administration, as well as efforts to eliminate credit card companies’ presence on college campuses.

Jackson has addressed credit woes that grip college students throughout the country. In the wake of federal bailouts of banks and other large firms, he speaks out about the crippling interest rates imposed on student loans.

Jackson recently announced that his organization, Rainbow Coalition "PUSH for Excel-lence," will award scholarships valued at $1,000 each to 12 Tuskegee University students. The scholarships are designated to help financially deserving students who need assistance to stay in college and whose academic records reflect they are striving for educational excellence.

The event is free.

Call 334-727-4552.