CVCC to increase tuition next year

Chattahoochee Valley Community College will increase its tuition rate by about 14 percent beginning the spring semester next year.

Tuition will go up to $112 per credit hour, compared to its current rate of $98 per hour.

Community colleges across Alabama will implement similar tuition hikes. The Alabama State Board of Education voted Thursday to increase tuition at the state’s 22 community colleges — a move that should help make up for lost revenue from state budget cuts.

“The funds generated by this tuition adjustment will help ensure that CVCC continues to meet the needs of its students and the communities it serves,” Greg Labyak, CVCC dean of instruction, said in a statement.

Labyak added this is the first time in five years these Alabama two-year colleges have raised tuition.

At CVCC, the new tuition rate will include student fees. Joan Waters, CVCC director of financial aid, said students receiving Pell grants, scholarships and other financial aid “will not be greatly affected” by the increase because their financial aid “should absorb it.”

Prospective or current students with questions can call the CVCC Financial Aid Office at 334-214-4839.