Troup student publishes digital novel

Troup County High School freshman Michelle Jones is a published author in the digital age.

Not unsurprising for the 15-year-old literary wunderkind who has had a passion for the written word since she was a young child. In fact, her father Stuart Jones said he and his wife often wondered if their daughter was spending too much time in her own world dreaming up characters to write about.

“It’s nonstop,” he said of Michelle’s writing. “At times we were almost worried. We thought we’d have to ban her from computer.”

It never came to electronic exile in the Jones household, but Michelle has recently self-published her latest work. Twilight’s Moon is available on Amazon.com through Kindle, the popular device that displays e-books.

“It’s been one of my dreams come true,” Michelle said.

The book was published in August on Amazon and can be purchased for Kindle or other compatible device for $7. Michelle said self publishing was relatively easy.

So far her book has sold two copies, but Michelle is optimistic. She also hopes to publish a physical copy of the book some day.

Readers who buy the scifi mystery will have a chance to get lost in the magical world of Lunyae, the Animal Goddess of the moon, and the village of Opulentia. The book’s description promises action and suspense.

Jones said he has been impressed by his daughter’s rich characters and vivid story lines, not to mention her work ethic.

“When she sits down to write she’s tireless about it,” he said. “She spends hours a day editing and reediting.”

No stranger to the writing process, the book is actually the second in a series of fancy adventure novels Michelle has been writing.

“I’ve always loved writing since I was in first grade,” she said. “A lot of it is basically straight from my imagination, but I also got a little help from song lyrics and I like to read lot.”

Among her favorite authors are David Clement-Davies and Heather Brewer, who specialize in young adult fiction. Whether she’s reading, listening to music or even taking walks, Michelle said it’s important to keep her creative juices flowing.

Besides always looking for inspiration, Michelle said she would also advise aspiring writers to make sure they get their work out there and read by as many people as possible. The more people who view her work, the better.

“Just shove it in people’s faces,” she said. “The main thing for me is finding someone who really wants to read it.”