Rain-soaked fields on Athens campus restricts parking for Saturday's Georgia-Auburn game

Football fans intending to tailgate at Saturday's Georgia-Auburn game in Athens may want to re-evaluate their game plan.

The University of Georgia is warning visitors that because of the heavy rain from Tropical Storm Ida, some places normally used for parking are just too wet. They include grassed areas at the intramural fields, Aderhold Hall, East Campus Drive and around the Ramsey Center, University Police Chief Jimmy Williamson said today in an announcement posted online.

"The entire fall season has been wetter than usual, and due to Tropical Storm Ida, several ground areas are saturated to the point that that we will not be able to use them for parking," he said. "We suggest people carpool as much as possible. We also ask those who normally bring pull-behind trailers to consider going without them so that we can have more parking available for other cars."

Officials also are asking fans to be cautious about using heavy gear on the wet ground: "We want people to reconsider some of the items they might normally bring, such as extension cords and even bulky tables," Williamson said. "All heavy objects are going to create problems on our landscape."