Be careful when sending food to troops overseas

The Postal Service expects to process more than 30 million pounds of mail destined for overseas military installations during November and December including war zones in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Foods that ship well, according the University of Georgia College of Agriculture and Environmental Services, include pound cakes, cookies high in sugar and shortening, bar cookies, brownies, fudge and shortbread.

Avoid cookies with perishable fillings such as cream or custard. Fruit and nut fillings work best. Soft, moist cookies will mold quickly in humid climates.

Consider commercially processed durable foods such as canned foods with pop top lids such as tuna, chicken and franks and beans.

When choosing a box, make sure its roomy enough to allow plenty of packing material on all sides. Center the gift in the middle of the mailing box then overfill the box with cushioning material.