Big Brother 12 results July 15: Saboteur Annie Whittington evicted, Rachel Reilly Head of Household

The "Big Brother 12" saboteur was revealed to viewers Thursday night -- and then unanimously evicted from the house.

Fans learned Annie Whittington was the saboteur. Without knowing of her role, "Big Brother" house guests chose to evict Annie over Rachel Reilly.

Rachel not only stuck around, but also won the Head of Household title.

Host Julie Chen said house guests will find out Annie was the saboteur during Sunday's episode.

Here's a full recap of Thursday's show:


The 12th season of "Big Brother" will have its first eviction tonight. Viewers will also learn the identity of this season's saboteur, the house guest secretly wrecking havoc on the other cast members.

House guests Rachel Reilly and Annie Whittington are up for elimination. Originally, Rachel and Brendon Villegas were up for elimination, but Brendon won Wednesday's veto challenge.

In a new "Big Brother" twist, a saboteur in the house has been messing with the cast since the competition's early stages. Among the saboteur's tricks? A series of anonymous filmed messages, one of which said two house guests are lifelong friends.

In the early moments of Thursday's show, we see Annie complaining about Britney, who in exchange calls her "Looney Tunes Annie" to the camera. Annie is sure she's going home. She thinks Brendon is protecting Rachel instead of her.

Meanwhile, the Brigade alliance is confident they're running the house.

Later, Annie has a one-on-one with Brendon. She cries and says she's embarrassed because she knows there's no way she'll stick around.

Brendon and Rachel cuddle together. Just when things are getting hot and heavy, Brendon starts talking about Annie. He feels bad for her. Talk about a mood killer. He wants Rachel to "be there" for him, but she's not thrilled by the conversation.

After a commercial break, we're reminded of the saboteur's wrath. If he/she makes it to the halfway point, the saboteur gets $50,000.

And the saboteur is...Annie! She shows us how she pulled off all her tricks.

In a video message, the anonymous saboteur (aka: Annie) says the saboteur escaped the chopping block. The dumb house guests actually believe it and turn their attention to Brendon as the possible saboteur.

"My message helped me in the best way possible," Annie says to the viewers.

Now the house guests are convinced Brendon is the saboteur and think about evicting Rachel instead of Annie.

In a chat with the some of the other house guests, Annie reveals Brendon isn't just a swim coach. He's also a scientist. Now, everybody is starting to rethink the plan to eliminate Annie. They don't want Brendon, the guy they believe is the saboteur, to be able to use Rachel as his pawn. Idiots.

Eviction time! While pleading her case, Annie says of Rachel, "She has Brendon and Brendon will take her through this game. Just life Jeff did with Jordan."

While pleading her case, Rachel says, "Regardless of anything, I love you guys all."

Vote time. Monet votes for Annie. Andrew votes for Annie. Lane votes for Annie. Kathy votes for Annie.

Kristen votes for Annie. Brendon votes for Annie.

Ragan votes for Annie. Enzo votes for Annie. Matt votes for Annie. Britney votes for Annie.

Ouch. Annie, the "Big Brother 12" saboteur, is unanimously evicted. She leaves the house.

In an interview with Julie Chen, Annie says she was evicted because she played the game a little too hard. Annie is shocked to learn America thought Kathy was the saboteur.

In a pre-recorded goodbye message, Rachel says she's happy Annie's gone because Annie tried to steal her man. Annie isn't happy about that one. Annie says she maybe left one more trick in the house as saboteur. In the closing credits, the house guests find something weird in the couch.

Time for the Head of Household competition. It's a "Majority Rules" game where house guests have to answer the questions by guessing what the majority of the house would say.

Britney, Rachel and Monet are the top three players in Majority Rules.

Rachel wins and is the new HoH.

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