Big Brother 12 July 18 recap: Head of Household Rachel Reilly targets Britney Haynes, Monet Stunson

Head of Household Rachel Reilly put Britney Haynes and Monet Stunson up for eviction on Sunday's episode of "Big Brother 12." Here's a full recap of the show:

Things kick off with a scene after Annie's eviction. Contestants don't know they've evicted the saboteur. Brendon tells the house guests he wasn't entirely honest about his occupation. He admits he's a swim coach AND a scientist.

The house guests aren't exactly thrilled that Rachel is Head of Household. Among the most vocal detractors? Members of the Brigade and Britney, who is especially angry that the coveted HoH title went to somebody "who wasn't even smart enough to put on pants before the competition."

Quick shot of kissy time with Rachel and Brendon. "I'm really really proud of you," Brendon says. He reminds Rachel that Britney and Monet are fake. Brendon says his decisions are Rachel's decisions, and vice versa.

Five minutes into the show, the big question is whether Andrew is in an alliance with Rachel and Brendon. Britney is hurt that Andrew celebrated when Rachel won the HoH competition.

The crew remains unenthusiastic while Rachel reveals her HoH bedroom. In her articulate wisdom, Britney complains about following Rachel's "flapping butt cheeks" up the stairs for the big reveal. Among the bedroom's highlights? Tequila and a boa, which Rachel attributes to her showgirl days. Monet thinks "showgirl days" means "stripper days." I can't argue.

Looks like we're in for another showmance: Hayden has a crush on Kristen. Perhaps it's because she informs him birthmarks signal places where you were stabbed in a previous life. But romantically, Hayden thinks Kristen is hard to read, even though she basically tells him she likes him.

Britney and Monet have officially become the catty ones in the house. They whisper to each other about Rachel's incessant drinking tales and Kristen's swimsuits, which now bear a closer resemblance to lingerie.

Hayden and Rachel have a heart-to-heart. The plus side? Rachel tells Hayden he's the reason she's still in the house. The drawback? Hayden isn't too keen on Rachel's suggestion of a Rachel/Brendon/Hayden/Kristen alliance.

Creepy guy of the moment? Matt, who thinks pretending to be paranoid is a good strategy. It backfires when Rachel and Brendon think he's hiding something.

Time for the have/have not challenge. One member of each of the three groups is taped to a wall. That wall rises from the ground and the other teams squirt the taped people with water to make them fall. The team whose person remains on the wall longest wins.

Oh man. These challenges are so dumb. Britney, Kathy and Ragan are the house guests who get taped.

Ragan is the first contestant eliminated. His team did a horrible tape job. It's down to Kathy and Britney on the wall. Britney gets mad that people are squirting water at her face, then claims she can't breathe. Britney asks to be taken down from the wall.

So Kathy's group, the orange team, wins. They pick Britney, Monet, Brendon and Enzo as the have nots. They must eat fish sticks and fruitcake.

Then, the cast sees a video message from Annie, who reveals she was the saboteur. They are ecstatic.

Conversation between Britney and Rachel. This should turn out well. NOT. Rachel still isn't sold on trusting Britney. Then, Monet talks one-on-one with Rachel, who worries Monet would have put her up for eviction had Monet been HoH. Monet says that's not the case. Yeah, right. "I just told her what she wanted to hear," Monet tells viewers. She cautions Rachel against "floaters" in the house -- that is, people who stay under the radar.

Rachel and Brendon confront Hayden to confirm he's on their side. To please them, he says he is -- while swaying them away from putting members of the Brigade up for eviction.

Decision time: Rachel puts Britney and Monet up for eviction. Britney is distressed, especially since "nobody looks cute when they cry," she tells us.

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