The Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky: Frank confesses that he is in love with his ex

Ali Fedotowsky and her top three bachelors were filmed in Tahiti for the ninth episode of ABC's "The Bachelorette." Before Frank traveled to Tahiti, he made an on-camera confession. "I came here to fall in love with Ali and I did, but there's something holding me back. As my feelings for Ali have grown these feelings inside me have been brewing for my ex-girlfriend, Nicole," Frank said. "I might still be in love with Nicole."

Frank went to Nicole's apartment in Chicago with the camera crew. Nicole answered the door and hugged Frank. She invited him in and waited for him to speak. "Ali and I had an amazing thing right from the start," Frank said. "And my feelings for Ali are very real. She is a great girl."

Nicole said, "It's really hard. It's sickening to think that, like, you, potentially, could be getting closer and deeper with somebody else other than myself."

Then Frank said he still had feelings "brewing" for Nicole. He said after a great date with Ali, he would think about Nicole."I wanted to see if we still had the spark that we had before."

"Without you I'm just not happy. I don't feel complete... You need to come home" Nicole said. Frank nodded and hugged Nicole.

"I'm in love with Nicole, and Nicole is the girl I want to be with for the rest of my life," Frank said to the cameras.

He kissed Nicole and told her that he needed to go to Tahiti to tell her that he was in love with Nicole. "It scares me," Frank said about making the trip.


Ali's first date in Tahiti was with Roberto. They took a helicopter ride to a private heart-shaped lagoon. They swam a bit but mostly cuddled in the water. "I feel like proposing is right around the corner and I feel good about that," Roberto told the camera crew. Ali was thinking about the future, too. "I think if I ended up with Roberto, I would live a wonderful life and it would never be short of romance," she said.

At their dinner date, Roberto opened up about his feelings. After some mumbling, Roberto told Ali "I'm falling in love with you." In response, she smiled and kissed him. Then she showed him the envelop from host Chris Harrison that contained a key to stay in the fantasy suite together if they choose to give up their individual rooms. They accepted the key. They waded through knee-level water to climb a ladder into the fantasy suite that rested on stilts above the water.


Ali and Chris took a yacht ride on their date. "The romance in our relationship is higher than it ever has been before," Ali said. Chris said when he was with Ali "nothing else matters." Chris and Ali hunted for pearls along the beach. The first two oysters they opened each held a white pearl. The two had a private dinner on the beach and, once again, discussed the feelings Chris had since his mother died. Chris told Ali he could really see himself ending up with her. She responded with a kiss. "I don't care where we spend the rest of our lives together, you know that, right. I don't care if it's Cape Code or San Francisco," Chris told Ali. Ali said she didn't think she ever wanted to go back to her home state but seeing Chris with his family made her rethink that choice. Ali said "I'm really glad you're here." Chris said "I love you now."


Before seeing Ali to break the news that he was getting back together with Nicole, Frank asked to talk to Chris Harrison. Frank said as he was falling in love with Ali "there was something holding me back." It was his love for Nicole. Chris Harrison said he was blown away by the news. "She's crazy about you," Chris said about Ali's feelings for Frank. "I don't know what to do," Frank said. Chris encouraged Frank to tell Ali everything immediately.

"I'm head over heels for him," Ali said about Frank before picking him up for what she thought would be a romantic day of sailing. When Ali saw Frank, she embraced him. A clearly upset Frank said "we need to talk." He didn't say anything for long enough to make Ali cry nervously. "I was crazy about you right from the beginning... I was falling for you, but there was something that was holding me back," Franks said. That something was unresolved feelings for Nicole. Frank said it wasn't until the hometown date when Frank watched Ali drive away after a great day that he decided he had to see Nicole again for closure. "The second I saw her all the old feelings kind of came rushing back," Frank said. "Ali, I'm sorry." "You're perfect in every way... the only difference is with Nicole somehow I feel this click." Ali asked why he hadn't said anything earlier. "Frank I just cannot believe this. I was so excited to see you," Ali said. Ali and Frank both cried. "If I would have known sooner, I would have told you sooner," Frank said. "I just think it's so selfish of you to have done this," Ali said. "I've given up everything to be here," she added. "I gave up everything, too" Frank insisted. "Apparently not everything," Ali replied. "This is the last thing I ever thought would happen," Ali said. They hugged and cried before Ali left.

"I know I love Nicole. But, you know, I feel bad," Frank said. " I guess I was hoping I'd feel some sort of relief but I don't... I hope that eventually she can forgive me."

Ali told Chris Harrison that Frank made her question her choices and made her feel weak. "I just feel like he's the biggest jerk I've every known." Ali seemed to lose faith in herself. "I can't help but think there's something wrong with me," Ali said.

Before the final rose ceremony, Ali told Chris Harrison "I know I'm not supposed to be with Frank now." When Chris asked Ali how she felt about her two remaining guys, she said "I have high hopes right now that my future husband is here." With two guys, Chris L. and Roberto, and two roses there wasn't a lot of suspense for the rose ceremony but Ali wanted to have it. She wanted to make sure the guys would "accept" the roses she was giving them. Ali told Chris. L. and Roberto that Frank had left the show to deal with things back home and that she was "100 percent sure" that she didn't belong with Frank. Ali gave her two roses to Chris. L and Roberto and they each accepted. For the season finale, the guys would travel to Bora Bora where they would meet Ali's family. But first is next week's "Tell All" episode where Ali faces her eliminated bachelors to answer their questions.

The final three guys are:

Frank: A 31-year-old retail manager from Illinois who quit a high-paying job to write screenplays.

Roberto: A 26-year-old insurance agent from Tampa, Fla. who lives in Charleston, S.C.

Chris L.: A 33-year-old landscaper from Cape Cod, Mass. He quit his job as a teacher in New York when his mother became ill. He moved home and took care of her for the final year and half of her life.

Eliminated week eight:

Kirk, the 27-year-old sales consultant from Green Bay, Wis. was eliminated. "I'm sorry," Ali said. "Don't be sorry," Kirk said. "It kind of hurts knowing that I gave all of myself to you and that's not what you're looking for," he told Ali. In his final limo interview, he said "I really, really, really did not see this coming... I've always been the one to leave the relationship... My heart's a bit bruised right now. This sucks."

Eliminated week seven:

Ty: the 31-year-old medical salesman who lives in Franklin, Tenn. Ty was divorced and blamed his traditional views about gender roles for his first marriage failing. He said though he expected his first wife to stay home and take care of her husband and children, he'd changed his views and would be supportive of his future wife's career goals. After the rose ceremony in which he was eliminated, Ty said he was surprised. "I was just so sure... I don't know what to think... What do you do when everything seemed right and obviously it was wrong. I'm pissed off because she made a wrong choice, and I hope she realizes that."

Eliminated week six:

Craig R.: A 27-year-old lawyer from Langhorne, Penn. who lives in Philadelphia. "This has been an incredible, incredible experience. I'll never forget any of it," Craig told Ali. "I just think the romance or something was missing between us," Ali said. In the limo ride, Craig said "that was really a heartbreak... I was falling in love... I wanted to be the one who ended up with her."

Justin: A 26-year-old entertainment wrestler called "Rated R" from Toronto.

Eliminated week five:

Kasey, the 27-year-old advertising account executive from Fresno, Calif., was left on a glacier after showing Ali the tattoo he got in New York. Ali questioned whether Kasey was being genuine on their one-on-one date during the week four episode, and Kasey got the tattoo to show her that he was. The tattoo had a rose and a shield that Kasey said was to remind him of his promise "to guard and protect Ali's heart." The tattoo also had 11 studs symbolizing the 11 guys on the show at that time. At the rose ceremony, Ali told host Chris Harrison, "I think Kasey feel in love with the idea of falling in love here." Ali wasn't feeling love on her end.

Chris N.: the 29-year-old entrepreneur from Orlando, said "I'm at a loss for words... I'm a little shattered by this whole thing." He did admit that he hadn't really come out of his shell on the show.

Eliminated week four:

Jesse, a 24-year-old general contractor from Peculiar, Mo. When giving him a goodbye hug, Ali whispered "I just think we didn't really match." Jesse thanked her for the experience and said he thought she was a city girl while he wanted acreage and cows. "I'm frustrated. I'm not going to lie... Anyone would be lucky to have her, but I can not wait to see my dogs." Aw.

Jonathan, the 30-year-old weatherman in Houston. "I am surprised... I'm just dumbfounded... What did I do wrong? I don't know when I'm going to find love."

Those eliminated during week three:

Hunter: A 28-year-old Internet account executive from San Antonio. He earned a one-on-one date with Ali, but she didn't feel a romantic connection.

Steve: A 28-year-old sales representative from Ohio. His last-minute picnic before the rose ceremony failed to impress Ali. "I'm shocked," he said before leaving the show.

John C.: A 32-year-old hotel business developer from Washington. "I think she made a mistake... I think Justin's here for the wrong reasons... I'm a genuine guy, and I have so much to give."

Eliminated week two:

Craig M.: The 34-year-old Canadian dental salesman didn't seem disappointed to be leaving. "She missed a huge opportunity. I have a hard time respecting her decision on keeping the weatherman and the wrestler here over this (he pointed to his hair)... You can't be serious with someone who's shorter than you, I'll leave it at that... There's plenty of women out there." In fact, he hoped to meet some on the plane ride home.

Tyler V.: a 25-year-old online advertising salesman from Vermont, was "shocked" to be leaving. "If she doesn't feel it it's not there... I was disappointed."

Chris H.: a 27-year-old real estate developer from Canada.

Here are the guys who were eliminated the first week:

Jay: A 29-year-old lawyer from Barrington, R.I. He was quiet during the show and said he wished he'd spoken up more. He did manage to call her "sweetie" at least three times. "I would have sent myself home if I was her," he said. "It's tough."

Kyle: A 26-year-old outdoorsman from Highlands Ranch, Colo. "I know there's a lot of fish in the sea, but I'm the one for you," he said after attempting to reel her in junior-high-dance style. "I really do feel like a failure," he said about going home on day one.

Tyler M.: A 25-year-old catering manager from Helena, Mont., who lives in Austin, Texas. He wore cowboy because he thought Ali was wearing cowboy boots when she first stepped out of the limo to meet Jake. Unfortunately, she "definitely was not wearing cowboy boots," she said.

Derek: A 28-year-old sales manager from Warren, Mich. who lives in Los Angeles. He had leaves for Ali to catch to make wishes. She caught three in her hand and one in her hair. Four wishes. Too bad one of her wishes wasn't to keep Derek on the show.

Phil: A 30-year-old investment manager from Elmore, Ohio who lives in Chicago.

Derrick: A 27-year-old construction engineer from Manhattan Beach, Calif. who lives in San Diego. He said his nickname was Shooter and he'd explain why inside the house. The nickname was embarrassing. It was based on this one time in college when he, um, was a bit premature in the bedroom. "You're a brave man for telling that story," Ali said. He admitted that he shouldn't have told that story and made a fool of himself."

Jason: A 27-year-old construction consultant from Johnson City, Tenn. who lives in Broomfield, Colo. He climbed atop the limo and did a backflip onto the ground. Ali seemed impressed.

John N.: A 27-year-old engineering software salesman from Wichita, Kan. who lives in Kansas City, Mo.