Teen Mom Season 2 Episode 1 recap: Amber Portwood not pregnant, Farrah Abraham mom arrested

The season two premiere of "Teen Mom" aired Tuesday night on MTV. We learned Amber Portwood isn't pregnant again. Here's what else happened:


The show opens with the incident in which Farrah was allegedly assaulted by her mom. Farrah meets with a country prosecutor and tells him the fight started when her mom threw a T-shirt and it hit Farrah's daughter, Sophia. Then, things allegedly escalated to the point of violence.

Farrah says it's not the first time her mom hit her. Ouch, literally. Farrah's mom was allegedly holding knives when the cops came to their house.

Apparently, Farrah's mom almost wouldn't put down the knives when the cops arrived. The prosecutor asks Farrah if her mom has mental problems. "I definitely know that she's stressed or something," Farrah says.

Farrah has agreed to have contact with her mom, but they won't live together. The court says Sophia can't be around Farrah's mom without another adult chaperone.

Farrah sees her mom for the first time since getting out of jail. Awkward. Farrah's mom asks what she can do for her. "You don't need to do anything," Farrah says.

But actually, she does have to do something: find Farrah a new place to live.

Fortunately, Farrah's mom has a house across the street where Farrah can stay with Sophia. Seriously. Who owns a second house across the street?

Farrah and Sophia move into the guest house. Sophia starts screaming.

Farrah takes a job at a restaurant. Her dad wants to bring Sophia over to see Farrah's mom. Farrah agrees, and her mom gets emotional when she's reunited with Sophia. Farrah wants to talk about the social worker's recommendations, but her mom isn't feeling it. Farrah's dad, meanwhile, is too busy being overly emotional. The whole scene is a little sad.


Catelynn got engaged to boyfriend Tyler at the end of last season. Remember, they gave their baby Carly up for adoption. Catelynn is still living with Tyler and his mom. Catelynn wants to become a nurse.

Tyler and Catelynn eat with a group of friends. Everything is going well until Tyler offers this bit of wisdom regarding his relationship with Catelynn: "I don't even think we're ready to be engaged."

Catelynn says if that's true, then why are they engaged? Tyler's response: "You can not be ready for something and do it."

Tyler really misses their daughter, Carly. Catelynn tries to make him feel better, but Tyler doesn't exactly appreciate her efforts. In fact, he calls her a leech.

Tyler talks to his mom about Catelynn. He doesn't think they should be around each other 24-7.

Uh-oh, a confrontation between Catelynn, Tyler and Tyler's mom. Tyler and his mom think it's time for Catelynn to move back in with her parents. As in, like, now.

Catelynn's mom says it's OK for her to come home. Catelynn says her heart feels crushed. Moving an hour apart isn't exactly the best step for their relationship. Tyler doesn't know what to do. He wants to help Catelynn, but Tyler tells Catelynn he also wants his space "so I can be a stronger person without worrying about you all the time." Um, I don't think that was a compliment.

Catelynn's mom isn't even around when Catelynn comes home. She's stuck with mullet-clad Butch, also known as Tyler's biological father and Catelynn's stepfather. He's not exactly the best welcoming committee.


Maci has broken up with Ryan, the father of her son Bentley. Now, Maci and Bentley are living with Maci's parents. Ryan doesn't pay any child support. Maci texts Ryan and tells him it's time to talk about child support. Ryan's response? "Guess you're just going to have to take me to court."

Maci's back in school and working full-time. Ryan is still unemployed. Maci meets with a state attorney to talk about making Ryan pay child support. The state will send Ryan a child support notice.

Ryan receives the notice and has an awkward exchange with Maci while dropping Bentley off.

Ryan asks, "What do you want?" Maci's response: "Child support."

Time for the big court date. The cameras don't go inside the courtroom, but we learn Ryan has to pay $232 a month. Maci says Ryan got a pretty good deal. "Probably because I look so good," he says.


Amber is back together with Gary, the father of her daughter Leah. Amber had to put her GED on hold. She and Gary both lost their jobs. Amber isn't feeling well. She thinks she might be pregnant. For some reason, she won't take an at-home pregnancy test and will only get a test done at the doctor's office.

Amber breaks the maybe-pregnancy to Gary. "It's out of the question to have a kid right now," he says.

Amber goes to the doctor's office. Time for the results of the pregnancy test. And the verdict is...NOT PREGNANT.

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