So You Think You Can Dance Top 6 July 21: Billy Bell injured, Kenny Ortega is guest judge

Injury affected another "So You Think You Can Dance" contestant Wednesday, when Billy Bell couldn't perform on the top six show because of injury.

This is the third consecutive week that injury has sidelined a "SYTYCD" competitor. Last week, Ashley Galvan suffered rib pain and had to withdraw from the competition. The prior week, front-runner Alex Wong had to withdraw due to a lacerated Achilles tendon.

Billy Bell will automatically enter the bottom three on Thursday's results show.

Based on judges' reviews, Kent Boyd was the standout dancer on Wednesday's show. After Kent's step routine with all-star Twitch Boss, judge Mia Michaels said he's the one to beat.

Here's a full recap of Wednesday's show, which featured guest judge Kenny Ortega and messages from contestants' families:


In the show's opening moments, judge Nigel Lythgoe confirms the rumor circulating online: Billy Bell has a knee injury and won't perform tonight. Doctors apparently said the situation was iffy, but Billy decided not to perform.

Nigel admits something is wrong this season. Too many people are injured. He jokingly suggests a possible spinoff show: "Survivor: The Dance-Off." Oh, Nigel.

On the bright side, tonight is the series' 150th episode. Kenny Ortega is a guest judge. He choreographed "Dirty Dancing" and worked on Michael Jackson's "This Is It" tour.

Also, the "SYTYCD" costume designer won an Emmy.

Now, the dancing begins:

First up, Lauren Froderman pairs with all-star Twitch Boss for a Napoleon/Tabitha hip-hop routine. The theme is a western duel. Music is "My Chick Bad" by Ludacris and Nicki Minaj. This is pretty awesome. Lauren is peaking just at the right time. If Kent loses his teen heartthrob appeal -- yeah, right -- Lauren could win this thing.

Shankman: "You just tore it up out there...That was hot."

Mia: "You're so aggressive, but you kept your sexy girl in there, too."

Kenny: "Save a horse, ride a cowboy. What can I say? Lauren, you have enough energy to power Los Angeles."

Nigel: "Everything that you've been asked to do, you've done across this competition."


Jose Ruiz teams with all-star Allison Holker for a Sonya Tayeh contemporary routine about a couple who falls in love, but the relationship doesn't work. Music is the "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" theme by Jon Brion. Allison admits she has a secret crush on Jose. It's a cute piece set entirely on the edge of the stage. It traces the course of a relationship. The biggest problem? Technically, the routine doesn't seem very challenging -- which conveniently hides Jose's lack of training. The dance thrives on character, rather than complicated movements.

Shankman: "What I can critique is your commitment, which was perfect...But the truth is, you weren't dancing much, or using our conventional thoughts of what dancing is."

Mia: "There's a difference between pedestrian contemporary, and actually real trained contemporary...You can only grow so much technically in two weeks...I would have liked to see more growth."

Kenny: "Jose, you earned her (Allison's) trust."

Nigel: "I think it was very clever of Sonya. She didn't show you up in any way."


Robert Roldan pairs with all-star Lauren Gottlieb for a Tyce Diorio jazz routine about seduction. Music is "Wasted Time" by My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult. It's a good, solid dance. It doesn't necessary guarantee Robert will be safe from the bottom three. I see this dance as one that is immediately exciting, but gets buried as the show progresses. I don't believe in a Robert/Lauren showmance.

Shankman: "Rob, you are so good...You killed it."

Mia: "It's just nice to see strong dancing."

Kenny: "I loved the movement. It was liquid."

Nigel: Loved it


Adechike Torbert performs a solo to "This Woman's Work" by Maxwell. Adechike is consistent, but this solo doesn't bring too many new skills to the table.


Kent Boyd pairs with all-star Kathryn McCormick for a Sonya Tayeh jazz routine about having fun and accepting who you are. Music is "Tightrope" by Janelle Monae. Oh, Sonya. You never disappoint us. This is a high-energy, technically challenging routine. I like it. The crowd goes wild and Kent's heartthrob appeal remains intact.

Shankman: "You definitely made the show more special, my friend...You are something else."

Mia: To Kent - "Sometimes your face gets so animated that it takes the choreographer's work to a juvenile level."

Kenny: "I think you are the guy to beat. You're amazing."

Nigel: Regarding the last two weeks - "I think you've almost out-danced the all-stars."


Robert Roldan dances a solo to "Parachutes" by Trevor Hall. Again, it's good, but probably won't make or break Robert's standing in the competition. He's a strong dancer, even though he appears stiff at times.


Lauren Froderman dances a solo to "Waves" by Elisa. Again, it's really rare for a solo to dramatically change my opinion of a contestant. This is good and pretty emotional. Still, the solo isn't really different from the skills Lauren has already demonstrated on stage.


Adechike Torbert pairs with all-star Comfort Fedoke for a Tabitha/Napoleon lyrical hip-hop routine. It's about what happens when your head says you need to leave a relationship, but your heart doesn't want to let go. Music is "Fallin'" by Alicia Keys. It's arguably the most personality Adechike has shown all season. He really gets into the story and delivers some strong technical skills in the process. Adechike cries at the end of the piece.

Shankman: "It was so intense and so beautiful and so horrifying and so my life...That was unbelievable."

Mia: "That to me felt more real than any contemporary piece...It was like a movie."

Kenny: "It was like if Wesley Snipes could dance...Really impressive."

Nigel: "I so hope that Alicia Keys gets to see this."


Jose Ruiz does a solo to James Brown's "Give It Up or Turnit a Loose." When he's doing his b-boy thing, Jose is really good. And you have to admit he has energy. Versatility? Maybe not so much.


Kent Boyd does a solo to "End of the Road" a cappella version by Boyz II Men. It's another consistent solo from Kent. Not a complete game changer, but I like it. Extra points for pulling out some Boyz II Men.


Lauren Froderman and Robert Roldan pair for a Dmitry Chaplin samba to the "SYTYCD" remix of "Drummer Boy" by Debi Nova. The theme is a beach party. I'm initially hesitant. The routine is challenging, and a few moments seem a little off. Overall, it's entertaining. Lauren and Robert give it all they have.

Shankman: "Robert, your lines were so crisp, they were so clean." Lauren was awesome, too.

Mia: Robert - "I am so pleased with that performance for you." Lauren - "We expect a lot from your butt." Then, she kind of mumbles incoherently.

Kenny: Loved it

Nigel: Robert - "Your upper body reminded me of Dmitry tonight." Lauren - "You've shaken everything that is possible to shake on your body throughout this entire series."


Adechike Torbert and Jose Ruiz pair for the first male-male pasodoble on "SYTYCD." Dmitry Chaplin choreographs and "SYTYCD" alum Legacy assists. Music is "The Arrival" by James Dooley. Well, this is good in theory -- if we were dealing with, say, Alex Wong and Kent Boyd. But Adechike and Jose are pretty lax when it comes to performance fire. The whole dance could use a little more "oomph."

Shankman: "I loved how committed you guys were." Jose need to stretch his legs more, Adechike needed more "abandon."

Mia: "They did OK with it...The commitment and the power and the focus is there."

Kenny: "I think it was a valiant effort...This is really difficult stuff."

Nigel: "I agree with my diplomatic colleagues...I think you're a little lacking this evening...It wasn't everything I wanted it to be."


Last up, Kent Boyd tackles a new "SYTYCD" genre: stepping, with choreographer Chuck Maldonado. Of course, Billy is injured so all-star Twitch will stand in as Kent's partner. Music is "Pro Nails" by Kid Sister. Kent really delivers on this one. Sure, the facial expressions are a little cheesy. I'll forgive it. Kent steps outside his element and entertains me.

Shankman: "You just destroyed it."

Mia: "I had no idea that you had that in you at all...I live for the two of you...Kent, yes, you are the one to beat."

Kenny: "Awesome."

Nigel: Brags about his "Five Guys Named Moe" routine. He wishes he could have watched Billy dance the step routine, too.

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