Big Brother 12 results: Monet Stunson evicted, who is Big Brother Head of Household July 22?

Monet Stunson was evicted from "Big Brother 12" by a vote of 7-2 on Thursday's show. When the show wrapped up, the Head of Household competition was still under way.

The HoH will be revealed on Sunday's episode, which airs 8 p.m. on CBS. If you want a spoiler, click here to learn who won Thursday's competition.

In the meantime, here's a full recap of Thursday's show:


Quick recap: Head of Household Rachel put Monet and Britney up for eviction. However, Britney won the veto challenge and took herself off the chopping block.

Then, Matt volunteered himself as a candidate for eviction. He thought the move would heighten his standing in the house and ensure Monet's eviction.

When Thursday's elimination show begins, Matt is confident he won't go home. He says the Brigade is running the house and calls Rachel stupid behind her back.

Britney, meanwhile, cries because she'll miss Monet. Monet enters the pity party and says she wants to flush Rachel's hair extensions down the toilet. Matt joins the girls and badmouths Rachel and Brendon. He pretends he's upset by their decision.

"I want them to think that I was blind-sighted and mortified," Matt tells the camera.

Wow, a rare shot of Kristen. Hayden says he has a secret showmance with Kristen. And then...they're in bed together. I guess it's a secret to everyone except us. Um, and Hayden's roommate Andrew, who sees all the dirty action.

Rachel tells Kristen that Monet and Britney think they have Kristen's vote. It's not true, but Kristen believes it and gets angry.

Kristen confronts Britney with the news. It ignites a major house fight. Britney ends up crying, naturally.

After a commercial break, Britney is STILL crying. This time, she's in a one-on-one conversation trying to get on Rachel's good side. Rachel tells Britney that Matt volunteered to go up for eviction as a pawn. Britney says Matt has been acting angry about Rachel's decision.

Ouch. The news prompts some major Rachel tears. Rachel calls a house meeting to "get some answers." I love how Rachel prefaces the house meeting with "I know you guys are busy." LOL. What else are they doing?!?

Andrew was observing a religious holiday and couldn't attend the house meeting, which basically turns into a Matt hate fest. The house guests learn Matt is playing both sides. He admits Rachel and Brendon are a target.

"You can say what you want, man. You got busted," Brendon says. Members of the Brigade are completely silent about their alliance.

Time for a live interview from Julie Chen. We learn the house guests are relieved the saboteur is gone. Let's take a moment and mourn one of the most failed twists in "Big Brother" history.

Kathy says living in the "Big Brother" house is harder than being a deputy sheriff.

Rachel does a private interview with Julie. She calls Matt a snake. She's never fallen in love with anyone as quickly as she fell in love with Brendon. She says she'd pick Brendon over the "Big Brother" money.

Judgment time. In her final plea, Monet tells the house guests to vote with their hearts. Matt says pretty much the same thing in different words. He also calls Julie "Chenbot." Haha.

Andrew votes for Monet. Enzo votes for Monet. Britney votes for Matt.

Kathy votes for Matt. Hayden votes for Monet. Kristen votes for Monet.

Ragan votes for Monet. It's enough to evict Monet. But in case you were wondering about the other votes:

Brendon votes for Monet. Lane votes for Monet.

On a vote of 7-2, Monet is evicted from the "Big Brother" house. She leaves immediately -- sans hugs -- and everybody comforts Britney.

In her teary interview with Julie, Monet tells us she said goodbye to her friends (Kathy and Britney) in advance. She promises she's not this emotional in real life.

Monet doesn't regret any of the mean things she said about Rachel. We watch the house guests' taped goodbye messages. Rachel calls Monet catty, Andrew says Monet didn't have a strategy and Britney cries because she'll miss her so much.

The Head of Household competition is called "Hang 10." The guests stand on slightly elevated surfboards while water falls on them. The last person standing is HoH. In a quasi-twist, the first five house guests to fall off their boards are the "haves" of the week.

The show ends and the competition is still going. Get the results on Sunday's show, or subscribe to the "Big Brother" live feed.

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