Frankie Elliston discusses his experiences on America's Got Talent 2010

Magician Frankie Elliston, a Harris County High School graduate, advanced to the Las Vegas round of “America’s Got Talent” on an Orlando audition episode that aired in June.

But when the Las Vegas episodes rolled around, Elliston’s lack of air time made him seem like a disappearing act.

So what happened?

"The whole ‘America’s Got Talent’ process is really nerve-racking," said 20-year-old Elliston, who lives in Ellerslie.

The Las Vegas experience began with an obstacle: a major part of his trick was damaged in shipping, Elliston said. The trick involved an empty box that would make an assistant appear on stage.

Elliston worked on the glitches, but wasn’t satisfied with his Las Vegas performance.

"I wasn’t happy with it," he said.

Elliston said he asked producers not to air his performance, and requested to be removed from consideration before learning the outcome of his Las Vegas effort.

"I didn’t want a free lunch. I wanted to earn it," he said.

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