Teen Mom Season 2 Episode 2 recap: Amber and Gary, Catelynn and Tyler still together

Some couples considered a breakup on Tuesday's episode of MTV's "Teen Mom," but all relationships were intact at the end of the show.

Catelynn and Tyler almost ended their relationship because of a situation involving Catelynn's ex. Amber and Gary's romance got shaky when Gary had 24 hours as a single man.

The other two cast members, Farrah and Maci, considered changes in their living situations.

Farrah moved out of her mom's guest house and into an apartment. She refused to tell her parents her new address. Maci almost moved in with some friends, but they ultimately weren't too psyched about sharing a house with her young son.

Here's a full recap of Tuesday's show:


Farrah is still living in the guest house with daughter Sophia due to this situation. Her mom is being charged with domestic violence. She says it was self-defense. Farrah hangs out with her friends and reads the social worker's guidelines.

The outcome? "It's crunch time. I need to move out," Farrah says.

Farrah says the fight with her mom ruined their chance to be a family. She goes apartment-hunting. When she finds one she likes, she learns she has to be 19 to sign a lease. She's 18.

Farrah finally finds an apartment and gets things rolling -- despite filling out the payment check incorrectly. Give her a break: It was her first time writing a check.

Then, she breaks the news to her parents. She won't tell them where she's moving. Her mom says she's changing the locks on her house.

Farrah moves into her new apartment and surrenders her keys to her mom. She won't give her mom a goodbye hug. She still won't tell her parents where she's living. Let's overlook how she briefly leaves Sophia outside the door while unpacking.

Farrah doesn't want her mom to go to jail, but she doesn't want a relationship with her mom, either.


Even after receiving child support from Ryan, Maci still works part-time. She's annoyed by living with her parents. "I want to move out so bad," she tells a friend. She talks about moving in with her friends -- and bringing her son Bentley.

How does he feel about the idea? Well, he bangs his head on the ground and cries. Should we take that as a yes?

Ryan gets Bentley every other weekend and while Maci is at school. He doesn't know she wants to move. Who else doesn't know? Maci's parents.

She breaks the news to them and says she wants to move in with her friends, plus Bentley. "If you just want to pay some bills, we can help you with that," Maci's dad says.

Maci, Bentley and the girls look at a house. Bentley doesn't make the best impression, mainly when he's screaming and messing stuff up.

Maci can afford to move out, but wants to make sure her friends are OK with Bentley. The short answer? No. They abort the plan.


Catelynn is living with her mom and stepfather Butch after leaving her boyfriend's mom's house. Catelynn says she'll miss boyfriend Tyler, but they were getting on each other's nerves. Her mom says she missed her.

Fortunately, Catelynn gets to see Tyler. It's not exactly romantic. He asks if she's talked to her ex. She says no.

It ignites a conversation in which Catelynn admits to hooking up with her ex three years ago. Or something like that. Either way, Tyler gets mad and insists on a phone conversation with the ex.

Tyler tells his mom about the situation with Catelynn and how hard it is imagining her hooking up with somebody else. "Done that, been there," his mom says.

Tyler and the ex have been exchanging cryptic texts. Tyler believes some of the texts were intended for Catelynn, suggesting the ex and Catelynn are still in touch. Tyler texts Catelynn and asks if she's talked to the ex. Catelynn says no. Tyler doesn't believe it. "I don't know if I can marry her," he says.

Catelynn says Tyler has never been this angry at her. She tells her mom she wasn't entirely honest about the ex situation. Catelynn starts crying while worrying about her relationship's future. It's actually a pretty heart-wrenching scene. "I want to be with him forever, mom," she says.

Catelynn and Tyler meet to talk. Tyler asks her to explain why she lied. She basically just cries and mumbles incoherently. Tyler has doubts about the relationship. Catelynn gives her engagement ring back and cries. Intense.

Catelynn says Tyler should just save the ring. Tyler doesn't want to save the ring, but he doesn't want to give it to someone who will lie to him. He asks Catelynn if she's ready to be engaged and be honest. She says yes and Tyler gives her back the engagement ring. Then, Catelynn asks for a hug.

I feel awkward for being 28 and getting misty-eyed during "Teen Mom."


Amber took a job at a tanning salon and doesn't have time to study for her GED. Gary is unemployed and says he wants to permanently be a stay-at-home dad. He may or may not be kidding. They get in a fight and he leaves the house as usual.

Where does he go? Food. Buffalo Wild Wings, to be exact. He eats with his brother and says he met a girl. Uh-oh, he's going to go home and tell Amber he needs a break. This should go well. NOT.

Back at home, Gary asks Amber to clean up a little. Then, he breaks the news: "I met a girl and I like her." Gary says he needs some "Gary time." Hmm. He's unemployed. Isn't every day Gary time?

Note: I love how Gary began the conversation by clutching Amber's pills, presumably antidepressants, and saying she might need them soon.

Amber turns to Leah and says, "Daddy's a cheater." Gary says he's not cheating on her and Amber gets up to hit him. Wow.

Amber meets with her cousin and says she wants to work things out with Gary. Her cousin says it's time to end the relationship.

Amber says if she didn't have a kid, she'd kick Gary out. He wants to be single for four days. "One day sounds good to me," Amber says.

During his one day as a single guy, Gary meets with his new girl...and her kid. Strangely, the new girl looks very similar to Amber. Gary tells her he's only been in one relationship: Amber. Gary says his feelings for the new girl are deeper than infatuation.

Judgment time. Gary tells Amber his decision over food, naturally. It's good news: Gary wants to be with Amber.

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