So You Think You Can Dance: Lauren Froderman OK? Injured on SYTYCD Top 6 show?

FINAL UPDATE: Lauren appeared on Thursday's results show and made a surprise trip to the bottom three. She danced a solo and made it through to next week. Billy Bell and Jose Ruiz were eliminated. Full recap here.

UPDATE: "SYTYCD" judge Nigel Lythgoe tweeted Thursday afternoon, "I am happy to say Lauren will be in the studio later today. She won't be in the opening number and won't dance unless she's in the bottom 3."

He added, "Sorry I can't tell you what the problem was with Lauren until I speak with her and her Doctor later today. I just don't know at this point."

UPDATE: Thursday morning, spoiler blog SYTYCDISM tweeted that Lauren Froderman was hospitalized with dehydration and a concussion. That news allegedly comes from her dad.

Just when fans thought "So You Think You Can Dance" finally made it through a week without injuries, Lauren Froderman needed medical attention at the end of Wednesday's show.

During the final moments of the two-hour episode, host Cat Deeley said Lauren was with the medics. She made it through her three dances.

Follow this space for updates on Lauren's condition.

"SYTYCD" contestants have faced injuries for the past three weeks. Two of those contestants withdrew due to injuries.

Two contestants will be eliminated on Thursday's results show, which airs 9 p.m. on Fox. The double elimination is because nobody was booted from last week's show.

Here's a full recap of Wednesday's show, which featured guest judge Toni Redpath, a four-time undefeated ballroom champion:


First, Kent Boyd pairs with all-star Anya Garnis for a cha-cha choreographed by Jean-Marc and France. Anya is a teacher and Kent is a bad boy. Awkward. Music is "My First Kiss" by 3OH!3 featuring Ke$ha. I'll never completely buy into Kent as a macho sex symbol, but this routine is still pretty entertaining. It just could have used a bit more grit.

Nigel: "Really good effort...well done."

Toni: Points to a couple posture problems, but likes it overall

Mia: "For me, there wasn't enough space and length in your movement." Says he isn't taking her advice about his face. Kent says that's just his on-stage personality.

Shankman: "It was a super solid performance...You're amazing, so just own it."


Robert Roldan teams with all-star Kathryn McCormick for a Stacey Tookey contemporary routine about the last moments before going to war and leaving a loved one behind. Music is "Heaven is a Place on Earth" by Katie Thompson. This is pretty awesome. Both dancers deliver tons of emotion without going OTT. I love the cover song, too. Oh, and there's a twist at the end: Katherine is the one going to war.

Nigel: "I loved the connectivity of it...Just lovely things going on there."

Toni: "Would I want to be the woman that you're dancing with...It's a yes."

Mia: "Allow your emotions and the reality of what you feel be the catalyst of your movement...Beautiful job tonight."

Shankman: "I just want to say how proud I am of the dance community in general...You killed it."


Jose Ruiz dances a solo to "Giant Squid" by RJD2. Standard b-boy stuff, nothing too new. In a pre-performance tape, cast members compare him to a wise tortoise.


Adechike Torbert pairs with Courtney Galiano for a sexy jazz number. Music is "Manteca" by Dizzy Gillespie. It's about letting loose and abandoning inhibitions. Wow, I'm pretty impressed. Adechike demonstrates some major athleticism. He's also come a long way in the personality department. Not too bad.

Shankman: "That was balls-out dancing...I'd like to see you work on loosening up your back and your hips."

Mia: "I need to see more style and finesse from you."

Toni: "It looked fun...I thought it was really well done."

Nigel: "There wasn't enough of that abandon from you for me."


Lauren Froderman dances a solo to "Natural Woman" by Aretha Franklin. It's one of my favorite solos from her so far. In a pre-performance tape, cast members tell us she has a pair of bunny slippers with names.


Jose Ruiz teams with all-star Comfort Fedoke for a hip-hop routine choreographed by Marty Kudelka and Dana Wilson. It's a typical boy meets girl story. Music is "Try a Little Tenderness" by Otis Redding. This routine has lots of potential to be great. I love the idea of old-school swagger. But Jose's lack of formal training surfaces again and he doesn't deliver enough character to make the dance memorable.

Nigel: "I loved it." He takes a moment to tell us Jose was injured and supposedly didn't perform in some of the group routines. Hmm. I didn't notice. Then, perhaps afraid of showing favoritism, Nigel criticizes Jose: "It was a bit flappy for me...I was a little uncomfortable in places with it."

Toni: "I was so absorbed in what a schmoozer you were."

Mia: "There was no swag in there whatsoever...It did not work for me."

Shankman: "In a piece like this, you have to dance the intention."


Billy Bell dances a solo to "Lights Go Down" by Telepathe. Wow, Billy tries to have some attitude tonight. I like it. In the pre-performance video, cast members tell us Billy is loud and messy.


Kent Boyd performs a solo to "A Song For You" by Elliott Yamin. It's typical Kent, very solid. In the pre-performance video, cast members tell us Kent is pretty much the most fantastic person in the world. Haha.


Lauren Froderman teams with all-star Allison Holker for a Tyce Diorio Broadway routine to "Who's Got the Pain" from "Damn Yankees." It's all about strong women. I'm impressed. Sure, Broadway routines don't garner the memorability of hip-hop dances. But Lauren really demonstrates a great balance of athleticism and personality. I think she's my favorite.

Shankman: "Lauren, I think of you as an all-star already."

Mia: "You kind of forged ahead of everyone."

Toni: "Strong is sexy."

Nigel: Begins his comments and says "American Idol" instead of "So You Think You Can Dance." Hmm, I wonder what could possibly be on his mind. Flustered, Nigel tells Lauren, "You just hit everything at the right level...Whether you win this or not, I just feel as though you're going to be in the finale."


Robert Roldan performs a solo to "A Beautiful Mess" by Jason Mraz. Nothing too new here. In his pre-performance tape, the other dancers say he's goofy.


Billy Bell teams with Ade Obayomi for a Stacey Tookey contemporary routines that explores two opposite economic ends of society. There's a rich guy and a homeless guy. Ultimately, they meet and realize they're old friends. Billy really stands out with this one. It's the most character and personality he's shown all season. Technically, the routine is pretty excellent, too. Music is "Mad World" by Michael Andrews featuring Gary Jules.

All the judges except Nigel give them a standing ovation.

Nigel: "The maturity that you showed in that routine was the most I've ever seen from you."

Toni: "That was incredible...Some pieces transcend dance."

Mia: "That was sheer perfection."

Shankman: "I think you were just born on the show...You dropped into the zone, buddy...It was magnificent. That was art. That wasn't anything short of art."


Adechike Torbert dances a solo to "Pretty Wings" by Maxwell. It's actually pretty good. In a pre-performance tape, the dancers tell us he goes by lots of different names.


Kent Boyd and Jose Ruiz pair for a Spencer Liff Broadway routine to "From This Moment On" from "Kiss Me Kate." The theme is two moving company guys looking at girls. Obviously, Kent out-dances Jose. Kent really excels at the Broadway stuff. Plus, he gets to use his zany facial expressions. The dance isn't my favorite of the night, but it's cute.

Shankman: Suggests the competition will come down to Kent and Lauren. Tells Jose he conquered it.

Mia: Calls the dance "fantabulous." Says Jose kept up with Kent.

Toni: "The characters suited both of you perfectly."

Nigel: "Absolutely superb." Says Jose should be proud of himself, but this could be his last week on the show.

Personal note: I hope Nigel's prediction is correct.


Lauren Froderman and Adechike Torbert pair for a foxtrot choreographed by Jean-Marc and France. Music is "Fever" by Beyonce. This dance is just OK. Lauren out-dances Adechike, but neither of them are completely phenomenal in this routine. I got pretty bored midway through the dance. That's never a good sign. I'm still on Team Lauren, though.

Nigel: "Overall, I think you had good connectivity between you and it was certainly a sultry routine." Says the routine was just good.

Toni: "You've not got the muscle memory of ballroom dancers...The footwork was off."

Mia: Says Adechike had great moments as a partner, but she felt a disconnect during the other parts. Says of Lauren, "It looks like she's done it a million times."

Shankman: Lauren did a great job, Adechike looked too concerned


Billy Bell and Robert Roldan pair for a Nakul Dev Mahajan Bollywood routine. Music is "Ganesh" from the "Bombay Dreams" soundtrack. Aw, they do a cute little Bollywood dance competition. It's filled with energy and technically strong. I'm entertained and I can't complain.

Nigel: "Absolutely fantastic...I think it's one of the best Bollywood routines I've seen with two guys."

Toni: Mumbles about pizza and hamburgers. Apparently, Robert is a big cheesy burger.

Mia: "Billy, you're a big cheesy pizza and I love pizza." What?!?

Shankman: "Billy, this has been a huge night for you...Robert, that was brilliant."

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