Big Brother results July 29: Andrew Gordon evicted, Rachel Reilly Head of Household, Matt Hoffman

After a dramatic pre-results speech, Andrew Gordon was unanimously evicted from "Big Brother 12" Thursday night. Rachel Reilly is the new Head of Household.

Andrew "outed" the romance between Hayden and Kristen in his speech.

Also, producers announced a twist: Viewers can vote for the house guest they want to be the new saboteur. In a week, we'll learn that person's identity and he/she will get the offer. If the saboteur survives the next two weeks, he/she will get $20,000.

Former HoH Matt Hoffman also attracted a lot of attention in the episode. Viewers saw a taped interview with Matt's wife, who was a little skeptical about his plan to lie and tell the house guests she has a serious illness. Still, she promised that Matt isn't evil.

Here's a full recap of Thursday's show:


When the show starts, there's trouble in paradise. Brendon and Rachel -- er, Brenchel -- are fighting. It's because of Andrew's speech, when he pretended to hate Brenchel but actually was just fulfilling an earlier deal he made with Brendon.

Rachel is mad about the speech and even madder when Brendon says he made the secret deal with Andrew. She thinks they should share everything. Brendon says "I love you" -- really?!? -- but it doesn't entirely calm Rachel.

Members of the Brigade aren't impressed by Andrew's speech. They sensed obvious ties with Brendon/Andrew/Rachel. "It blew up in their faces. The whole house knows it," Matt says. Strangely, they cite Rachel's reaction as especially fake. She says she wasn't in on the deal.

Matt calls Andrew into the HoH room and says his speech did not go over well. Andrew is sad enough to utter a disheartened "oy vey."

Kathy, meanwhile, pleads her case to Ragan. She talks about having cancer and wanting to make a good life for her son. Ragan is impressed by the story. Kathy is also building a good relationship with Kristen. Andrew tells us he feels like a leper.

Aww, Andrew's crying. He has nobody to talk to. He warns Kristen about playing him like a fiddle. It turns into a massive argument with yelling. It's the most personality we've seen from Kristen all season.

Rachel conveniently strolls into the room wearing nothing but a towel after Andrew leaves.

The Brigade contemplates their eviction decision. They think Andrew put a target on his back and thus should stay in the house. They want friction.

In an interview with Julie Chen, we learn nobody will be on slop this week.

Time to talk to Matt Hoffman's wife. "He's extremely intelligent, but he lacks all common sense," she says in a taped interview. She was "extremely shocked" about Matt's decision to lie about her (nonexistent) disease. She admits she tried to help him with his lie in her letter. She vows Matt isn't malicious or evil.

In a private interview with Julie Chen, Matt says his lie abut his wife is working. He says if there's a weak link in the Brigade, it's Hayden.

Kathy pleads her case and talks about her church, her job, integrity and loyalty. Andrew gets super aggro while pleading his case. He outs the Hayden/Kristen romantic relationship. He also lists a lot of the bad things Hayden and Kristen have said about people.

Andrew calls Kristen a "tin man" and says Hayden needs to get out of the relationship. Ouch. Who IS this guy? He's getting all "Survivor" on us.

Voting time. Kristen votes for Andrew. Rachel votes for Andrew. Britney votes for Andrew.

Enzo votes for Andrew, or "Captain Kosher." Brendon votes for Andrew.

It's official: Andrew is evicted. Here's how the other votes fell:

Lane votes for Andrew. Hayden votes for Andrew. Ragan votes "to institutionalize and evict Andrew."

By a vote of 8-0, Andrew is evicted from the "Big Brother" house. He exchanges some quick hugs and handshakes, then leaves. The house guests make fun of his crazy speech after his departure, but the Hayden/Kristen news still lingers.

In their interview, Julie Chen tells Andrew that was the best pre-eviction speech EVER. He really can't explain why he chose to reveal the news that way. He says before leaving the house, he whispered a message to Hayden. Summary: "Leave Kristen."

In pre-taped goodbye messages, house guests offer mixed reactions. Rachel says he was trying to steal her man, naturally. Hasn't she said that to every eliminated house guest so far?

Time for the Head of Household competition. It's "Big Brother Knockout." Contestants face off two at a time and answer questions based on previous competitions this season. Rachel Reilly wins and starts crying like she won an Oscar.

In a week, Pandora's Box will be back in play. A new saboteur may enter the house. Viewers vote and the person with the most votes will get an offer to be the new saboteur. If the saboteur survives the next two weeks, he/she will get $20,000.

Back at the "Big Brother" house, Rachel and Kristen scream at each other. Nice.

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